The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas…..or, how to do 12 fairs, make 1,000 candles and stay sane!

This is the first blog on our brand new website – we hope it’s the first of many.

Christmas is an especially exciting – and very, very busy! – time of year for us. Launching the website and making enough candles to stock all the Christmas fairs we are attending, as well as keeping our lovely stockists busy, doesn’t leave much time for buying presents! (hang on, what about a candle…?).

We celebrated our first birthday on the 28th November; it’s been a year of hard work, discovery and great excitement, together with a fair amount of anxiety.

But here we are one year on, still loving what we do and happily being successful – so far!

The events that we have attended have been amazing. They are enjoyable, but hard work. 6am starts and 7pm finishes are the norm, but it really is worth it! Meeting new and lovely people is always good fun. The absolute highlight was a lady who said she had no sense of smell, but she could smell our Reed Diffusers and she bought one!

Do we have enough stock? Do we have enough of the popular fragrances? Will anyone turn up to the fair? Will they love our products? What time can we have a glass of wine? All very important issues for fairs……………..

We hope we will continue to grow in the coming year, and are busy planning Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Spring fragrances.

Emma and Angela

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