When we started to look at making candles, we had no idea how much was involved. We wanted to invite you to hear about our thoughts and process in candle production. So, here goes……………………

Our basic idea was that we wanted to produce candles of good quality, with nice aromas, but as ethically made as possible. We certainly didn’t realise how complicated a process that would be.

We chose the best quality 100% soy wax and fragrances for making our products.

We use paper wicks, recycled glass jars, recyclable packaging and even our gift tags are cardboard. We don’t think we will save the planet, but we wanted to do what little we could to help.

Sourcing materials in the midst of Covid has been challenging, but suppliers are doing their very best to keep their shelves full, so that we can do the same.

Fragrances are plentiful, some of which are just awful, others bear no resemblance to the name given to them, and some are just weird!  We wanted to use fragrances which smell like their name, and we hope that we have achieved that.

We started in a workroom which we very quickly outgrew and now have a fabulous workshop. We have compared the amount of kit you need to buy with the amount of kit you need when you have a baby.  It seems never ending, but all goes to make the end product worthwhile.

We work hard at ensuring that temperatures are right for each part of the process, that we blend our fragrances fully, and give our candles sufficient time to cure, that’s about molecules binding apparently!

Many testings have taken place to try to get the best possible product as an end result.  We are happy with our candles, tea lights, reed diffusers and bath salts.

We hope that you will be too.

Most importantly, we would like to hear from the people who buy our products, to let us know how we are doing.  The age of social media means that it’s easy to make your opinions known, but we hope that any feedback we get will allow us to improve, if we need to, to make sure that what we provide is the best it can possibly be.

We’re proud to have our products featured in VOGUE Magazine and trade at events from a stone throw away from our workshop as far as Manchester and Stoke.

We love to meet our regular customers face to face and look forward to meeting new ones in the future.

Thanks for shopping small.

Team TRCCY x